Prayers of the People: Those Who Aren’t Here

Prayers of the People: Those Who Aren’t Here

Risen Christ,


We gather today at this table to hear a sacred story and to share a sacred meal. Make us mindful of those with whom we gather that we might find your body re-membered in our community. Make us just as aware though, of those who cannot be present in body this day for one reason or another.


For those who may be away seeking rest in another place we pray you give them peace and refresh their souls.


For those who may be ill or infirm we ask for healing and wholeness. We think especially of …


For those who we have lost, we ask for your eternal care and comfort for the families and loved ones who remain. We think especially of the families of …


For those who cannot gather at table because it is not a safe place for them we ask that your love be made more fully known. We ask that you make us more inclusive, more loving, and more able to see all people through your eyes.


Finally, make us mindful of that great host with whom we gather in community around tables scattered to the ends of the earth, the wider church. Help us as we grow in these challenging days. Mold us and shape us into the community of hope and love you’ve always imagined.



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