A Prayer for Labor Day

A Prayer for Labor Day

We trust, O God that you are at work within each of these stories and we trust that you will show us our place within. Make of us the healers and the peacemakers we wish to see. But this Labor Day Weekend, God there are others who are particularly on our minds.
We celebrate a gift you gave us when you breathed life into the world and set humankind to the business of seeking order and beauty within. You gave us work, you gave us labor and it is a cherished calling burning in the hearts of all people to be at work within the world, to contribute to and be a part of the continued unveiling of creation. It is a gift though, that many cannot fully enjoy. Our prayer this day is for them.
There are those who cannot find work, or who have lost the ability to do the work they love we pray your provision of sustenance and purpose.
For those whose sense of calling is not in line with their daily vocation we ask that you would provide outlets for creativity.
For those who are mulling over just what kind of work it is they want to set their lives to we pray for clarity.
For those who have spent their lives in toil and labor and have now stepped into a new kind of vocation we give you thanks for the wisdom they provide and the distance they’ve carried us.
And for those God, who some would say do not want to work, do not wish to contribute we pray for new understanding. How could it be after all, that if you are the one who put the spark of creativity, the desire for community, and the drive for productivity into us that some could be categorically against being a part? Perhaps it is not so simple. Perhaps we have more to learn and perhaps we have our work cut out for us.

Bless us in our labor this Labor Day, Amen.

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