Technical Issues

Technical Issues

Well, a variety of factors has made this blogging venture quite challenging. The Portland Convention Center is very limited in Wifi Access and Cellular signal. Allow me to fill you in briefly, with only a sentence, what I might have given a fuller report on with more reliable connectivity:

-A meal shared with a group of people who are doing creative and wonderful ministry in the world such as using art to work through serious trauma.

-A wonderful sermon by the Reverend Dr. Zina Jacque, pastor of the Community Church of Barrington, IL, encouraging individuals and the denomination that “scars don’t grow on anything dead.” The marks we bear from trauma, conflict, and loss are proof that we have made it through.

-Our delegation delivering a special and extended contribution to the new Executive Director of the Alliance of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists at our annual meeting.

-A life giving conversation on ending poverty that occurred as a part of the general program this morning. Ending poverty is possible, but it needs people of faith to take significant risk. Nobody in the conversation seemed to think that was a bad thing.

-The great joy I had in FINALLY meeting the incomparable Rev. Ken Williams and Rev. Peg Williams in person. We shared breakfast, a few stories, and a few laughs. My gratitude for Ken’s incredible pastoral presence at FBC Rochester goes back many months now and my gratitude for our friendship will continue, no doubt, well into the future.

-The tremendous amount of energy your delegates are putting into their work and presence here at the biennial. We’ll have plenty of news and information for you from Portland when we return.

I’ll keep trying to post a thing or two when opportunity presents itself.

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